Cycling, a true art of living

RASK is much more than a cycling clothing brand; it is a true philosophy of life. In addition to offering women’s clothes that are as beautiful as they are comfortable, the brand hopes to give taste to those who don't dare, to those who think that this practice is reserved only for men and to those who maybe have never even thought about going cycling ...

In other words, RASK's real goal is to share a passion; the passion of cycling.

First of all, cycling is a well-rounded sport that can be both challenging and/or relaxing. In addition to allowing an intense and good simulation of your muscles, it is also excellent for your joints. Unlike running, you also don't risk suffering or damaging your muscles, knees, ankles or other.

In addition to being good for you, cycling is a way to reconnect with nature, to discover exceptional landscapes and to go on an adventure. Unlike most other sports, cycling allows you to go much further and to conquer new corners. 

This sport then allows you to share magical moments with family or friends. If you join a cycling club, it is also a great opportunity to create new friendships. If, however, you have an independent character or want to take a moment for yourself, cycling can also easily be practiced alone and really allows you to clear your head.

While some cardio sports such as running or kayaking only lend themselves to people who are already in a certain physical condition, cycling is suitable for all levels: beginners, amateurs or professionals, there are many roads and paths adapted to your pace. As an apprentice, you can easily start by riding 30 to 40 km while really putting in the effort, and then improve your performance up to distances of 100 km and beyond. And all this in a few months! In this sense, cycling is different from horseback riding or athleticism, sports for which a good level of fitness is already essential.

Cycling is really a practice that invites you to surpass yourself, to overcome your fears, to take on new challenges... without being discouraging.

More than a sport, cycling is a discipline, a starting point to work your will and tenacity, a real passion ... a real art of living!

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