An exclusively female cycling clothing brand

So, “Cycling is a "man's" sport”, you say?

Since a few years now, cycling has been democratized.  With this in mind, many initiatives aimed at encouraging women to cycle have been set up and are now emerging. However, in spite of these efforts, it must be said that cycling remains a practice that is relatively little adopted, or even shunned, by women.

To be convinced of this, one only has to look at the myriad of male cyclists on the roads of our countryside ... or the limited supply of cycling clothing for women in sports shops.

Indeed, in this field, there are few choices on the market. It still happens too often today that women have to choose between a comfortable outfit for sport or a beautiful garment in which they feel proud and attractive. Rask was born to overcome this difficulty.

More than a clothing brand, Rask's goal is to encourage women to feel empowered while biking, and to…

... to conquer magnificent and sometimes surprising landscapes,
... to discover new and unsuspected corners,
... to surpass themselves physically,
... to do good for themselves through a practice that is excellent for their health and fitness,
... to enjoy a good time with family, friends, clubs or alone.

To make women feel both beautiful and comfortable in their clothing, Rask offers women cycling clothing that is as comfortable and technically adapted as it is aesthetically pleasing. Whether they are cycling enthusiasts or complete novices, Rask hopes to share its passion so that they can fully appreciate the joys of cycling.

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