About us

Sharing our passion

Much more than a cycling clothing brand, RASK wants all women to discover the beauty of cycling by feeling comfortable and confident in their clothes at the same time.

While sharing our passion with them, we invite women to get on their bikes and set out to conquer new trails and unknown roads.


Our values, our mission

Our objective is to respect the aesthetic criteria of women by offering them classic, plain and refined, yet original clothes. Each of the pieces of the collection is indeed embellished with a small unique element, different from what we usually see.

What's more, RASK offers only comfortable and technically thought-out outfits. Because those who practice cycling already know it: when you start cycling, it is very difficult to choose an outfit adapted to your tastes and budget while taking the quality of the clothing into consideration. It is, for example, difficult to imagine the importance of quality cycling shorts before having suffered the inconveniences related to friction, burning, etc.

It is for these reasons that RASK wants to be THE trusted choice for Women.


A family’s story

Originally, Sarah's grandfather rode his bike to work every day. From this practice was born a real passion that he quickly passed on to his son, Thierry.

Thierry is a top-level sportsman and began cycling at a very young age and later participated in competitions and races.

The taste for cycling passed on to another generation when his grandfather took Sarah on the roads, making her discover fabulous landscapes. Over the years, cycling became more than a hobby for her. Cycling was an opportunity to be with her family, sharing highlights and enjoying the splendour of nature.

Supported by her father, Sarah is now the leader of Project RASK. Her greatest wish is to pass on this passion to those who, whether novices or experienced, dream of embarking on a new adventure in an, until then, unknown sport.


"When I first started cycling, I had many questions about my equipment, because I couldn't find anything that was practical, of good quality, comfortable and pretty at the same time.
Moreover, I launched myself into the adventure of cycling with the idea of performing, giving priority to the sporting dimension to the detriment of the leisure side. I later realized that these two components were equally important and that it is completely normal not to be able to ride 50 kilometres on the first outing.
Pushed by my grandfather and father, I persevered and developed a real passion. Alone, with my family or with friends, I now enjoy every bike ride.
This is a pleasure that I want to share today through Rask. Indeed, one of my greatest joys today is to introduce cycling to my friends and to anyone who wants to embark on this beautiful journey.
I would like all those who have fears about this practice or those who already ride to be able to turn to RASK to find the necessary support or to share their experience with others. »
- Sarah Smets

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